A Greener World

As florists, our commitment to sustainability is the beating heart of our business. Our dedication to the environment informs our plant choices, reusable materials for planters and eco-friendly design solutions. We take immense pride in helping your establishment promote inner and outer beauty, reflecting responsible and ethically conscious values while looking utterly exquisite.

We Promise To...

  • Buy from environmentally conscious suppliers
  • Become 100% plastic free and any plastic will be biodegradable
  • Recycle as many materials as we can
  • Reuse vases, planters and containers
  • Replace floral foam with recyclable chicken wire or metal vase ‘frogs’
  • Use plants for longer lasting arrangements and to improve air quality
  • Compost our waste and off cuts of plants and flowers

Fair Wages

We champion the London Living Wage - ensuring employees receive a fair wage for working and living in the city.

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